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Time Ends for David Tennant


Well, I finally watched END OF TIME – Parts 1 and 2.  For those who may not know what I’m talking about – I’m referring to the British SCI-FI cult series, DOCTOR WHO.  David Tennant left on a high mark for his portrayal of the famous and mysterious “The Doctor.”  He was Doctor number “10” in the longest SCI-FI series (yes, beating out STAR TREK by a couple of years).

I have to admit that I was sadden to see David Tennant leave the series as it was him that actually got me interested in watching Doctor Who.  However, I have to say that if you’re going to leave a show, leaving on top is the way to go (ala Seinfeld). 

This final two-parter was extremely well done – for SCI-FI TV to provoke an emotional reaction is rare – for those that saw it, you know what I mean (referring to when Donna Noble’s Grandfather is in the chamber and the Doctor sacrifices his life for him). 

The Lovely Rose Tyler, the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith

The last few episode specials were all well done and set the stage for the “regeneration” to take effect in this episode with cameos by pretty much everyone — guest star appearances by previous “companions” such as Martha Jones, Mikey Smith, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, and more.   Timothy Dalton from Bond fame played a very good bad-guy Time Lord.  Our Doctor gets to say his “good-byes” to those that he shared extraordinary adventures with prior to transforming into the next Doctor. 

Regenerating into Doctor #11

At the end, we get to see Doctor #11 – Matt Smith and get a glimpse into the type of Doctor he will be.  As a good friend of mine would say, “I’m cautiously optimistic.”