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Inside Farragut Films: Costumes & Props


Farragut Films stretches beyond the studio into the academic world. U.S. Army SGT Kolleen Elsberry with the Defense Information School (DINFOS) located on Fort Meade, Maryland contacted us to participate in an important course.  Kolleen has been taking the Basic Combat Correspondence Course, roughly a 4+ month class focusing on journalism, communications and media.  She and her classmates selected “Starship Farragut” to be the subject of their human interest story/class project.  Kollen is a friend and “battle buddy’ to Peter Christian who also graduated from the same course last month and referred Kolleen.  For those that may not be familiar with Peter Christian, he was an Associate Producer and Costumer for another fan film project called, Star Trek – Of Gods and Men.

This mini-documentary features interviews with Holly Bednar and myself — and provides just a small glimpse into costume creation and some of the props used in Starship Farragut and in some cases, Star Trek Continues.

Many topics discussed in the two days of filming were cut only to meet Kolleen’s project requirements. However, we acknowledged the talented and creative people who help and support Starship Farragut.  Those folks mentioned in the context of their areas were:  Mike Bednar, Vic Mignogna, Matt Bucy, Ralph Miller, Michael Struck, Jack Marshall, Greg Greene, Royal Weaver, Sam Rooks, Hetoreyn and Dan Scanlan.  Those related to wardrobe specifically called out are also acknowledged here (no order of priority) – Ginger Holley, Eve Gidion, Nancy Heyl, Kim Haas, Christine Boyer, Michael Cowart, Christine Jefferies, Amanda Hamilton, Dean Rogers and Teresa Eick. When I got the DVD documentary from Kolleen, I asked her what her ‘take-away’ from doing this project – her reply:

“Seeing all the work and behind-the-scenes passion that goes into this project is amazing to me.  It’s clear that everyone’s heart and soul is vested into this project.”

Special thanks to Kolleen Elsberry and the rest of her military classmates – UASF SSGT Adam Keele, ARMY Private Victoria Eckert, USAF Airman Madison Silvestor that worked on this mini-documentary.  With Farragut Films rolling up on its 10th year anniversary, we’ll likely be working to produce a full-length documentary to celebrate and highlight the contributions of our entire team.  Look out for “STARSHIP FARRAGUT – The First 10 Years” coming soon!

Colonial Players Trekkin’ with Superior Donuts


2014_02_superior_donuts_logo_r2In late January, Mark Hildebrand contacted me to make a STAR TREK uniform for actor Chris Haley in the upcoming Colonial Players‘ theatrical production, “Superior Donuts.”  I was happy to oblige – Mark has been a good friend and long-time member/supporter of our Starship Farragut project.  Farragut Films used to be involved with the archival recordings of Colonial Players’ plays and Chris Haley has been a good acquaintance.  For those that may not know Chris – his namesake should ring a bell from Alex Haley’s ROOTS.  Chris is also very active in speaking engagements and educating people on slavery in the State of Maryland, African American history, self-help/empowerment and genealogy.  Chris is all over the place in terms of acting, writing, speaking and producing various media projects.

Anyway, Chris came over to my house earlier this month where I had a ‘base shirt’ and pants ready for him to try on for tailoring.  Here are pictures of Chris Haley in action with the finalized uniform from the play (Courtesy of Colonial Players and Mark Hildebrand).  Evidently, Chris’ character is a big SCI-FI fan and although Chris may not be, the Star Trek uniform was made for him and his to keep (gift on behalf of Farragut Films).

2012-02-20 Superior Donuts Act 2.mpeg.Still002

2012-02-20 Superior Donuts Act 2.mpeg.Still003

2012-02-20 Superior Donuts Act 2.mpeg.Still001

Colonial Players was kind enough to acknowledge the contribution.

Playbill Extraction

If you haven’t seen it yet, please go and see SUPERIOR DONUTS at Colonial Players!

Casting Complete for COI, Next Farragut Adventure


The next production in the Starship Farragut webseries is “Conspiracy of Innocence”, written by Bobby Nash.  Bobby is a professional writer of novels and short stories in the SCI-FI, horror and detective/mystery genre.  He has written scripts for use in comic books and graphic novels.  More on him on an upcoming interview blog…

We held an open audition at Farragut Films Studio-2 in Kingsland, Georgia, on February 16th for filling several key roles.  We are honored to announce that the following actors have been selected:

  • Kasey Shafsky of Belmont, CA will play the Farragut’s new Chief Security Officer
  • Rakia May of Kingsland, GA will play the Farragut’s new Chief Medical Officer
  • Victoria Avalon of Mulberry, FL will play the Farragut’s new Transporter Chief
  • Eve  Gidion of Atlanta, GA will play Tannas Pell (adult)
  • Brynn Elders of Woodbine, GA will play Tannas Pell (child)
  • John Sims of Jacksonville, FL will play Attlan Grey (adult)
  • Ian Doherty of Kingsland, GA will play Attlan Grey (child)

Additionally, the following actors have agreed to play background characters:

  • Kimberly Stoughton-Doherty
  • Dan Collis
  • Steve Parrott
  • Madison Parrott
  • Ben Parrott
  • Christopher May-Russell
  • Makayla Miller
  • Christopher Miller

All other recurring roles have been reprised by the regular cast members of Starship Farragut. Holly Bednar, who leads up casting and HR for Farragut Films cites:

“Casting is an ever-changing dynamic of the film industry; each episode has the potential for new roles and new acting opportunities.  We are still filling out the background roles/extras for this episode. Others may be included at a later date.”

“Conspiracy of Innocence” is scheduled to be filmed in November.  Stay tuned via our Facebook page, website and future blogs for updates on this film.