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Time Ends for David Tennant


Well, I finally watched END OF TIME – Parts 1 and 2.  For those who may not know what I’m talking about – I’m referring to the British SCI-FI cult series, DOCTOR WHO.  David Tennant left on a high mark for his portrayal of the famous and mysterious “The Doctor.”  He was Doctor number “10” in the longest SCI-FI series (yes, beating out STAR TREK by a couple of years).

I have to admit that I was sadden to see David Tennant leave the series as it was him that actually got me interested in watching Doctor Who.  However, I have to say that if you’re going to leave a show, leaving on top is the way to go (ala Seinfeld). 

This final two-parter was extremely well done – for SCI-FI TV to provoke an emotional reaction is rare – for those that saw it, you know what I mean (referring to when Donna Noble’s Grandfather is in the chamber and the Doctor sacrifices his life for him). 

The Lovely Rose Tyler, the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith

The last few episode specials were all well done and set the stage for the “regeneration” to take effect in this episode with cameos by pretty much everyone — guest star appearances by previous “companions” such as Martha Jones, Mikey Smith, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, and more.   Timothy Dalton from Bond fame played a very good bad-guy Time Lord.  Our Doctor gets to say his “good-byes” to those that he shared extraordinary adventures with prior to transforming into the next Doctor. 

Regenerating into Doctor #11

At the end, we get to see Doctor #11 – Matt Smith and get a glimpse into the type of Doctor he will be.  As a good friend of mine would say, “I’m cautiously optimistic.”

Becoming a Whovian?


Well, fellow Farraguteers Michael Day and Mike Bednar would be proud.  Over the weekend, I watched the much anticipated Dr. Who specials on BBC America, “Planet of the Dead” and “The Waters of Mars.” By the way, who comes up with these titles?!?! 

Also earlier in the week, I watched online, “The Next Doctor,” which was a more light-hearted and funny episode.  I had thought that this burley guy would be the next Doctor, but then found a picture of the one that will be replacing David Tennant, which was a totally different Doctor.

The Next Doctor

Anyway, I have to admit that I’ve become a fan of the new series and have to say that it was a combination of David Tennant (he really brought something special to the Doctor), the writers (Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner) providing creative storytelling, and updated special effects that locked me into this British cult phenomenon. 

Below are my takes on the two specials:

Planet of the Dead – A really cool episode with a flying London bus with a rather hot, but profiteering risktaker “Lady Christina” – this character reminded me of Captain Picard’s girlfriend Vash (reference to Star Trek: The Next Generation). I wasn’t aware that contemporary/modern London knew of “The Doctor” and they seem to refer to him as some sort of hero?!?!

The Waters of Mars – This one explored a different take in the Doctor’s personality.  At the end of “Planet of the Dead” we see that the Doctor was warned about his life is coming to an end, and I guess that stuck with him.  While visiting the Red Planet in a space suit, the Doctor comes in contact with the first colony on Mars – Bowie Base One, which is under the command of Captain Brooke – this is a historic event where the bases is destroyed in an explosion, which the Doctor knows they’re doomed.  He quickly learns of the date:  November 21, 2059 – the same date of the explosion.  Being a good Doctor, he knows that this event is “fixed in time” and he must not interfere – therefore, he opts to leave Mars.  However, in the process – he gets stuck and helps the crew with some mysterious water problems.  At a point in which he can safely leave, the Doctor opts to not do so – but to change events. 

Through his numerous travels, countless companions, and heart-ache over heart-ache – you get the sense that he is tired and says to hell with trying to keep up the prime directive of non-interference (sorry, I know – it’s a Star Trek reference), and opts to save the crew.  Using the TARDIS, he brings most of them back to Earth – London that is, and then learns that they are reacting totally opposite of how he was expecting. 

He refers to himself audaciously as the “Time Lord Victorious” and he vows that with this power, he can now ensure the survival of pivotal figures such as Captain Brooke, as well as “little people.”  Captain Brooke scolds the Doctor for his new-found arrogance and asserts that “Time Lord Victorious” is wrong; she enters her home and commits suicide. The Doctor’s efforts at changing time are mostly undone.  The Doctor is overcome with emotion, realizing that his actions will have consequences. An alien with mandibles appears in the street and the Doctor seems to know this person; he is visibly disturbed – the Doctor asks him whether he has finally gone too far — whether the time has come for him to die. The alien vanishes, and the Doctor staggers back into the TARDIS. He yells, “No!” and begins to operate the controls – setting the stage for the next special, “The End of Time – Part 1.”

I realize that I need to watch all of the Doctor Who episodes and become more familiar with this great series.  According to my blog stats, the other Doctor Who post was the most read and commented blog post (in addition to anything Starship Farragut Animated).  It almost pains me to say this, but I guess I’m becoming a “Whovian!”

Who or What is Doctor Who?


I had a great experience while traveling to and from St. Mary’s, Georgia recently for set construction at our studio.  I was introduced to the new episodes of Doctor Who

New Series of Doctor Who

New Series of Doctor Who

For those that may not be familiar with Doctor Who – it is a British Sci-Fi show that has been on the air since the 1960’s.  “The Doctor”, as he simply refers to himself is actually an alien from a different planet with two hearts that travels through time and space in his ship called the TARDIS, which stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.  From the outside, the TARDIS looks like an old Public Police Box (outdated by today’s standards, but more of a common place item in the early 1960’s when the show first aired).  Safe to say that the ship is much larger on the inside than it is on the outside!

My initial exposure to the Doctor Who series was seeing two movies back-to-back starring Peter Cushing (Governor Tarkin from STAR WARS) with my Dad on a Saturday many years ago.  I was just a small kid and scared of the Daleks!  Later when I was a teenager, I saw Doctor Who on PBS during the late hours of the night. 

Doctor #4, Tom Baker - Yikes!

Doctor #4, Tom Baker - Yikes!

It starred Tom Baker as the Doctor and looked very hokey – a guy with big curly hair, a scarf and a robot dog, as well as aliens that were even hokier — they looked like they were borrowed from LAND OF THE LOST

Doctor Who was re-launched in 2005 on the Sci-Fi Channel (sorry, I meant to say “SyFy”) with a “new” doctor, incredible visual effects, and great writing (both clever and creative storytelling).  Fellow Farragut producers Michael Bednar and Michael Day have been trying to get me to look at the new episodes as they’re both fans for some time.  With time to kill on the 12-hour journey one-way, I finally got the opportunity to watch a few Doctor Who episodes from Season 3 of the new series.  I was blown away and really impressed!  I kept thinking to myself – this is great!  The writing, visuals, acting — all first rate; I was hooked.

David Tennant as Doctor Who

David Tennant as Doctor Who

The episodes I was watching featured David Tennant as ‘The Doctor’ with Freema Agyemanas as his traveling companion ‘Martha Jones’. 

I plan to finish watching the 3rd season of Doctor Who, and then go back and start from the 1st season of 2005 and see how everything fits together.  I was told that some of the ‘companions’ appear in multiple seasons for guest appearances, which seems to carry things consistent in TV show spanning almost 50 years!  All in all, I’m a new Doctor Who fan, and highly recommend the TV series for those that have not had the pleasure of taking a ride in the TARDIS!