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SCI-FI Make-up Artist Carol Crouse


As folks may know, Farragut Films is working with United Worlds Entertainment on the original SCI-FI film project, POLARIS. I thought folks would be interested in learning more about the various cast and crew members working on the project, and for the first interviewee – thought we talk with Carol Crouse who led Make-up for POLARIS.

SCI-FI Make-up Artist, Carol Crouse

Carol lives in California and is no stranger to doing make-up for SCI-FI. She has been involved with Star Trek – Hidden FrontierFrontier Guard, and Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II – “The Child” and “Kitumba” (not yet released). Outside of make-up activities, her professional background and hobbies includes teaching High School art classes in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 35 years. Besides teaching art, she also enjoys drawing portraits, watercolor paintings, and working as a cake decorator.  Regarding her cake decoration skills, Carol proudly states, “I can, and have, put anything on a cake, some designs you wouldn’t believe!”  In addition to putting odd things on cakes, she’s put odd things on humans to turn them into aliens!

Alien Prostethics

Frontier Guard Make-up

Before we begin the interview, I thought I’d share some quotes from those that have worked with Carol:

Dennis Bailey (Creator and Executive Producer of POLARIS) – “Carol was delightful to work with.  She understood exactly what was needed and how to accomplish it.   And she’s a great person who contributed a lot to the high morale on the set during some very long shooting days.”


Rob Caves (Executive Producer of Hidden Frontier and Frontier Guard) – “Carol is a very skilled artist and an absolute delight to work with!  She brings a strong work ethic and brightness to the set that is invaluable.”

It would seem that Carol has a good reputation.  🙂 

* So, how did you learn or become involved with POLARIS?

My good friend Doug Caprette – who also recruited me for “Star Trek: New Voyages” – asked me if I would like to get involved with doing makeup for “POLARIS,” and I said “yes.”

Prosthetics Workshop

* I take it that you’ve known Dennis Bailey?

No, not before starting to work on “POLARIS.” He and I exchanged emails prior to the shoot, to work out makeup needs, and Gina Hernandez’s effects make-up, but we had not met until I walked into the studio.

* I take it that you’re a Star Trek fan having working on two independent Star Trek fan film efforts.

I’ve always liked the original series, and some of the later stuff, and movies 2, 4 and 6.

* Do you plan to come out to the remaining film shoots for POLARIS later this year?

At this time I am planning to do makeup for the upcoming green screen shoot. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to all of them.

* Any tips to those INDY SCI-FI film projects whose budgets are extremely limited – in regards to make-up department?

Some things simply can’t be done on the cheap, especially now that most filming is being done in HD format. One thing I do is compare prices and quality for the more expensive items such as foundation and eye shadow. If possible, I try to make some items do double, or even triple, duty. Not wasting materials saves a lot of money. This requires being organized. One thing I do is use wax paper for my palettes, labeling each one with the actor’s name, therefore not having to start fresh each time I do touchups that day. (I always start fresh each day). I don’t mix too much foundation at a time, thus reducing waste.

* POLARIS has a lot of people involved from various TREK productions – to include, STARSHIP FARRAGUT, INTREPID, EXETER and PHASE II – what’s your thoughts on the culmination of cast and crew members from those effort coming together on an INDY SCI-FI film project?

I think it’s great! You’re getting an experienced, knowledgeable group of people who know each other’s strengths, and know how much they can be depended upon. And it’s a terrific opportunity to meet new people and find out about other SCI-FI projects.

* Agreed.  In addition, Dennis and the rest of the cast and crew are great folks – working with them adds personal rewards to the experience.  Do you have any other upcoming film projects?

I’m doing a lot of makeup for Hidden Frontier this spring: shooting is nearly every weekend, sometimes both Saturday and Sunday. Other than that, I have no other projects. However, I am planning to learn airbrush makeup in the next few months. That’s something I’ve wanted to learn for a while now.

Thank you for your time Carol. I enjoyed meeting you and working with you during our December film shoot on POLARIS. Stay tuned for other POLARIS cast and crew interviews coming soon.

“Watcha been doing?”


I’ve gotten a few emails from folks asking why I’ve been quiet on the blog front.  Well, Farragut Films in association with United Worlds Entertainment have been busy on a new film project called, “STARSHIP POLARIS.”  Don’t let the name fool you – it’s not another STAR TREK fan film, but an original science fiction film project conceived by Executive Producer/Creator Dennis Bailey.

You may recall that I mentioned this film project sometime ago.  Early on, I was signed onboard as a Co-Producer and Costume Supervisor by Dennis; however, as time went on the level of involvement grew!  I brought in fellow Farragut Producer Mike Bednar and Dennis Stines to help with props; and Cheryl Thomas-Smith to help with a few costume items.  I was also helping with some other production items, most notably getting this film project SAG signatory.  Because of the amount of involvement and resources of Farragut Films on this project, this became more of a joint-production, which is great for us. 

Us folks at Farragut Films have wanted to do something ‘Non-Trek’ for some time; however, the time commitments for STARSHIP FARRAGUT – as we’ve learned though time – have prevented us from being able to do so in any successful capacity.  Working jointly in this fashion, so far, seems to have worked well and I know that when it is all completed and the film is debuted – it will be something that we can proudly say we worked on outside of ‘Trek’.

Working with everyone on this project has been a pleasurable experience.  Dennis is a most appreciative, genuine, and humble person.  His personality and disposition makes you want to help out – it’s been an honor to help a friend see his dream take flight.  Hanging out and catching up on things with Paul (aka Security Chief Prescott) has been great.  Seeing Nick & Lucy Cook from STAR TREK:  INTREPID, as well as Gina Hernandez, Alex Ibraham, and his team – Paula and Cynthia, has also been nice.  I’ve met a few new people from this project:

  • Maurice Molyneaux – Assistant Director and great organizer
  • Doug Caprette – the guy who spearheaded set construction
  • Romel Punsal – A talented young man on several filmmaking aspects (lighting, camera)
  • Carol Crouse – Make-up person extraordinaire
  • Chris – Audio/Sound Engineer who has worked on STAR TREK PHASE II

"Got Uniforms?"

Observing this production, I’ve got to say that I’ve learned a lot and having the opportunity of observing other film projects, as well as watching an episode of the TV show CLUELESS being made at Paramount — this is probably the most professional film shoot I’ve been involved with.  Most impressive is the combination of Dennis as Director and Maurice as Assistant Director.  They work well together like a well-oiled machine.  All the other parts to this production, including the acting being top-notch to set lighting and camera operations being in lock-step.  If I had to guess, I’d say that Dennis’ professional involvement in Hollywood working with Star Trek: The Next Generation and observing other film projects being made, he incorporated “lessons learned” and industry best practices to make this production the best it could be.