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Dress for Success – Suit Style Tips for 2014


Don DraperWhether or not you dress up for work every day, on Sundays for church or special events only – there are some “DOs and DON’Ts” in respect to wearing a man’s suit.  Here is a quick breakout of 27 unspoken suit rules every man should know (knew all except 2).

The Internet has a wealth of information on fashion style tips and I could go on about my own thoughts, but if I had to sum up one tip related to suits as being the most important one, it would be — get a suit that FITS YOU BEST.  It doesn’t matter as much as how much the suit costs, but rather how well it fits you.  Spend the extra money getting it tailored to fit you.

My Addiction


My pastor keeps talking about “Alcohol being the Devil’s Dive” – Alcohol isn’t a problem for me – I drink moderately at best (six pack of Corona can last in my fridge for about 3 months).

Now, if he talked to me about doing Mike & Ike candy in excess, he’d be onto something.  Like smokers that go through a pack a day, I can go through a box a day…  Sometimes two.

Devilishly Good

Devilishly Good

Top Five Things That Suggest You Did Something Really Bad…


If I’ve ever learned anything from my limited viewing of Lifetime movies, there are top five signs that you probably were responsible for your wife or girlfriend being missing.

#1 – You tell your family and law enforcement officials that she “ran-off” and left her kids behind.

#2 – While the neighborhood initates a search party to find your wife, you opt to go play golf.

#3 – You turn off her cell phone while she is still missing because you say can’t aford the phone bill.

#4 – You have your new hot-chick “nanny” move-in to help manage the kids and household.

#5 – Coincidently, one day before she ran off – you increased her life insurance policy to $1.5 million.

If any of the above apply, more than likely you’ll soon say, “I want a lawyer.”   Or heading to the Mexican border.