My name is John Broughton and I am the creator and one of the principals of an Internet film series called, STARSHIP FARRAGUT.
Combining the love of STAR TREK  and film-making, this project originated with the help of family and friends, and continues to evolve.

I’m also happily married, father of three children, and work full-time as a business development executive for a contractor that provides professional services to the federal government.

This blog serves to provide updates and personal reflections on the progression of the Starship Farragut project, Farragut Films‘ SCI-FI projects, and personal views on a variety of other topics.   Enjoy!

6 Responses to “Bio”

  1. RL Seward Says:

    Have you ever heard if there are rules against a fan production of the Star Trek novels?

  2. captaincarter Says:

    No, I think that you’d be safe to base a film off one of the novels – as long as they don’t generate any revenue. The novels are licensed materials.

  3. Ralph Gambino Says:

    A long time fan of your series and just wanted to pop in and say hi. Eagerly anticipating your next exciting adventure. Take care.

  4. Jason Says:

    OK, I loved the new episodes, but I would like to issue a good nature complaint about the ‘cliff-hanger’. Ah-geez, did you really need to stop right there?

  5. RedShirtDavid Says:

    Awesome work, and you are the most believable Starship captain in a fan made show by far. I’m a huge fan and you guys always produce top notch stuff! Thanks!

  6. James Mielke Says:

    I must admit, I love the stuff you, John/Farragut and James/Phase 2 have done with Trek. You both keep the dream and the adventure alive.
    The work both of you do keeps me inspired and energized to keep plodding on with my tacky little machinima Trek stories.

    James Mielke

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