Farragut Shines on Rising Star

The following blog is provided by Michael Day:

Starship Farragut were guests at the Rising-Star Sci-Fi convention in Bluefield, WV, October 21-22, 2011.  The convention attendees got a few bonuses when they attended the convention that weekend.  Rising-Star happened to fall the week after Farragut Films concluded it’s interior shots for our next film, “The Price of Anything.”  The conventioneers were treated with some exclusive behind the scenes photo’s of our filming efforts the previous weekend.

The big event happened on Friday night, when the Captain’s Chair used for filming just the week before was brought into the convention.  As soon as Michael Bednar and I brought in the chair, heads turned.  The chair was the highlight of the convention.  Everyone loved to sit in the captain’s chair and have their pictures taken with the iconic STAR TREK centerpiece!

As usual, the Farragut table was stocked with DVD’s of all of our productions (both live action and animation), fabric swatches from our uniforms, and some of the props and costumes used in filming our live-action episodes.

Mike Bednar hard at work!

On Saturday morning, Frank and Donna Parker arrived with another surprise.  The Farragut Films table area was now occupied by two large set pieces from the previous weekend’s filming — the captain’s chair and the Romulan Bridge center console (as seen in the TOS episode, “Balance of Terror”).  This was another huge hit with everyone.  The convention concluded on Saturday night.

Romulan Console

Worth the trip, this was a great event for Farragut Films.  We had never shown our captain’s chair outside of our studio in St. Marys, GA.  Michael Bednar will now make some upgrades to the chair for our next film and put some enhancements to the Romulan Bridge console.  We also made some new fans in West Virginia, and our previous fans were glad to meet us in person.

Michael Day handles all convention appearances on behalf of Farragut Films and Starship Farragut.  For those that wish to have attendance by and/or exhibition by us, please contact Michael Day (mday@starshipfarragut.com).


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