Set Phasers to Paint!

Long-time friend and Farragut supporter, Michael Mazzacano asked me if Mike Bednar could complete his HMS (Mike Moore) phaser II by painting it.  Ever-so-busy doing set construction activities, Mike was able to fit it into his busy schedule.  It was completed about a month ago, and Mike handed it off to me for shipping to Mr. Mazzacano.  I took some pictures for Mike’s use in his props and models portfolio.


The phaser is a solid resin casting – unsure of the origin of this particular casting; however, this phaser version was used in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode, “Trials and Tribbleations”; it is currently sold in both build-ups and kit form at

Although a very clean casting, it did require some clean-up and filling in of some air bubbles.  The phaser 1 dark grey color is a custom-color that Mike creates and airbrushes on.  The main body is painted with Kyrlon Shadow Grey and the Handle is painted with Rustoleum Metallic Bronze.  Aluminum accents were masked off and painted with silver or some hand brush painting.  Other hand painting included the phaser I release knob (copper/bronze) and the 10-turn knob dial part (black). 

Mike’s reputation for quality work speaks for itself.  Shipping this beautiful prop replica was a bitter-sweet task as I wanted to keep it for myself, but glad that it was going back to Michael Mazzacano – another good guy.  I know that Michael will cherish his new “Bednar.”


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2 Responses to “Set Phasers to Paint!”

  1. Zapped Sparky Says:

    It’s a real beauty allright.

  2. Laura Hartwell Says:

    Turned out beautifully!

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