“The Price of Anything” is in Full Swing!

Pre-production of our fifth live action Starship Farragut episode is moving at warp speed!  Prior to this point, I’ve been busier than norm with a wedding, honeymoon, the POLARIS film project, work, family, and a stretch of conventions; however, I’ve got the time now cleared up and you’ll be seeing a regular basis of updates on our pre-production efforts for October’s film shoot.

Many of our hard-working and dedicated volunteers from what we’ve begin referring to as “Farragut-Southeast Operations,” our St. Marys and Jacksonville volunteers, have been working to finalize and details our TREK SETS.  According to Project Manager of Set Construction, Producer Mike Bednar states, “This film will premiere some sets not seen in any Star Trek fan film to date, which we’re proud to debut.”  We plan to showcase them as a surprise in the movie.

Todd Haberkorn

Todd Haberkorn
As mentioned in my last blog update, we’ve got some new folks involved in this production, including Todd Haberkorn who will also play a Romulan Soldier.  The actor originally committed to playing this role backed out, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Todd is no stranger to the film or entertainment industry, being an accomplished and  well-known voice actor for anime and video games, as well as acting in independent films.  Todd received his acting degree from Southern Methodist University and continues to work professionally primarily in Los Angeles and Texas.  With his wealth of professional experience,  Todd brings a greater strength and powerful presence to the character that we would not have had otherwise.  I look forward to working with him.

Kasey Shafsky, Line Producer

Kasey Shafsky – Line Producer/Production Manager
As our Line Producer, Kasey will be our ‘bull-dog’ to ensure all goes well!  He has been employed in the San Fransisco Bay Area for the last 19 years as a shooter, editor and director. He has shot and edited for video game companies, Silicon Valley computer corporations, start-ups, and venture capital companies. For the last eight years, he has held the role of Manager of Video Operations for a multi-million dollar business education corporation in Silicon Valley. Kasey directs live four camera shoots at 13 three day conferences a year. He also leads his team with editing, compressing and distribution of course material online. He has won a Telly award for his creation of a nutritional education video for middle schools presented by Sun-Maid. Kasey worked with Matt Bucy and Vic Mignogna on the Star Trek Phase 2 episode “The Protracted Man” (aka “Origins”).

Fellow STAR TREK Costumers Lend a Hand
Dr. Eve Gidion, Michael Cowart, and Donna Parker have joined our project to assist with wardrobe.  They will augment our wardrobe ensemble consisting of Marie Cook, Cheryl Thomas-Smith, and John Sims.  We’re honored to have the support and contributions of these fine folks.

Dr. Eve Gidion

Michael Cowart

Donna and Frank Parker

Safe to say that we’re all very excited about this film!  Working with folks like Frank Hernandez, Vic Mignoga, Matt Bucy, Todd Haberkorn and the other Farraguteers we’ll make this film our most ambitious episode to date and take the Starship Farragut project to the next level.  Stay tuned for a lot of good things coming from Farragut Films and the Starship Farragut folks.


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3 Responses to ““The Price of Anything” is in Full Swing!”

  1. Sparky Says:

    “sets not seen in any Star Trek fan film to date”

    I’m going to have to have a think about that. Jefferies tubes would be my first guess. There’s nothing quite like seeing the chief engineer crawling on all fours dragging a big box of tools around, while complaining about the designers of the ship. Or even better a poor red shirt shirt who meets an unfortunate demise :).

    Chief engineer:”Ensign, get to Jefferies tube 21 alpha and recalibrate power relays 4 through 8.”
    Chief:”What was that Ensign?”
    Ensign:”Er, I’m right on it Chief”.

    The fifth episode almost ready for filming, wow. I thought the third had only just been completed. Anyhow, please pass along a big hello to all the new crew from a fan across the pond :).

  2. captaincarter Says:

    Sparky – THE PRICE OF ANYTHING will be our fifth live action episode. Not sure how you came up with three, but here is a breakout: 1) THE CAPTAINCY, 2) FOR WANT OF A NAIL, 3) A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE, 4) JUST PASSING THROUGH. Glad you like them if you haven’t seen the other episodes, please check them out from our website or YouTube. John B.

  3. Sparky Says:

    Whoops, thanks for the breakout. I’d forgotten about A Rock and A Hard Place. Which sits on a DVD next to The Captaincy and For Want OF A Nail :).

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