Shore Leave 2011 Recap

Farragut Films exhibited for its fifth year at the Shore Leave 33 CON on July 8-10th at the Hunt Valley Marriott in Baltimore, MD.  Farraguteers Michael Day, Mark Hildebrand, Eric Lund, and John Broughton manned the show table.

New Prop Displays

Michael Day and Mark Hildebrand

During this CON appearance, we did two showings of the newly released, “JUST PASSING THROUGH.”  Director Mark Hildbrand spoke and answered fans’ questions about re-filming a previously completed work that hadn’t been released publicly; fans’ reactions to the film were positive.

Frank and Gina Hernandez in "Mirror, Mirror" COSPLAY

Shore Leave regulars, Frank and Gina Hernandez attended and fully represented in COSPLAY.  I was able to spend some quality time working with Frank’s costume for the upcoming Starship Farragut episode, “THE PRICE OF ANYTHING”, which Franks plays CAPT Carter’s father, Gene.

Trek Fan in COSPLAY (Way to Eden)

At our show table, DVDs of all Starship Farragut work were available for pick-up, including the new “JUST PASSING THROUGH.”  Fans also loved going through the photo book containing set construction pics showing from start to finish.  Seeing and interacting with fans is always a delight.  Farragut fan Sean Davis from Carroll County said, “I came here just for this.”


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