Three Conventions in One Weekend!

This weekend was a busy one for Farraguteers as Starship Farragut was represented in good standing at three conventions simultaneously.

The first one was Katsucon, an anime convention at the National Harbor’s Gaylord Hotel in Washington, D.C. where newcomer Vic Mignogna —- Director and Special Guest Star of Starship Farragut’s fifth film, THE PRICE OF ANYTHING (POA) was one of the star attractions.  Starship Farragut producer Michael Day and I met with Vic, as well as Todd Habercorn and briefly discussed pre-production work for POA and provided Starship Farragut collateral and posters for Vic to hand out over the weekend.  During Katsucon, Vic passed out plenty of POA posters and 8X10’s of him as “KIRK” on Farragut Films’ transporter room set.

Katuscon 2011 - Todd, Vic, JB and Michael Day

Vic said:

“I was excited to share my upcoming involvement on Farragut with the fans at Katsucon in DC this past weekend. The fans were quite excited about it, and are looking forward to seeing “The Price Of Anything”! Thanks to John Broughton, I had some awesome Farragut posters available at my autograph sessions all weekend. The fans ate them up! I can say with great certainty that an increasing number of my fans will be tuning in to the upcoming Farragut production!”

Kicking Off Farragut's 5th Film with Director Vic

At Farpoint in Baltimore, Michael Day, Mark Hildebrand, Eric Lund and newcomer Chris Call represented Starship Farragut.

Mark Hildebrand & Eric Lund - Farpoint 2011

Michael Day & Eric Lund - Farpoint 2011

Other Farragut friends, Dennis Bailey, Frank and Gina Hernandez and Paul Sieber stopped by to show support.  Michael Day said, “It was another great year at Farpoint, marking our 6th year attending.”  Michael also added:

The premiere of our latest crew log, “Just Passing Through”, was our main attraction.  We had two showings of the movie to enthusiastic crowds.  To quote one fan who had seen the previous version, “So much improved, I understand why you re-filmed it.”  As an encore from last year, we also showed both of our Starship Farragut – The Animated Episodes:  “The Needs of the Many” and “Power Source”.  At the table, we had copies of our comic book, “Dearly Departed” which premiered at last year’s Farpoint.  As usual, we had DVD’s of our previous movies, posters, and candy to give out to fans.  Special thanks to Dan Smith for making special caricature posters of our gallant Farragut trio – they were well received by folks.  Also, thanks to Tom Donnelly, Steve and Renee Wilson, and the entire Farpoint crew; we look forward to attending next year.

At TREK TRAX in Atlanta, Mike and Holly Bednar, Gary and Terri Washington, and I attended the group’s first solo event outside of Dragon-Con.

Starship Farragut's Three Amigos

Holly Bednar & Fan - TREK TRAX 2011

Ms. and Mr. Frank Parker, Teri & Gary Washington

Eric Watts & TREK TRAX Crew

Spearheaded by Eric Watts, the convention was supported by the USS Republic, a Star Trek club with which Eric is associated.  Newcomer Farraguteer, Brian Holloway (Guest Star in POA) directed the costuming track, where I participated in numerous forums, along with Michael Cowart, Lee Cox, and Eve Gideon.

Costumers Eve Gidion & John Broughton

Costumers Michael Cowart & Lee Cox

Costuming forums ranged from a variety of topics such as wearing Rubies or ANOVOS uniforms, Trek themed variations, costume disasters, and the costumer’s best friend – the Thrift Store.  Later on, the three of us (Mike, Holly and me) were judges in TREK TRAX’s costume contest.  It was nice to see appreciation towards the costumes, which always seems to take 2nd place to props or sets.  🙂

Speaking of props, Mike Bednar also participated on a prop panel, along with Michael Cowart.

'Prop Talk' - Michael Bednar & Michael Cowart

Like Farpoint this weekend, we will also premiered “JUST PASSING THROUGH” to the TREK TRAX attendees.  The response was very favorable.

Premiering "Just Passing Through"

One quote from a fan, “You guys really deliver on putting out good TREK films.”  We couldn’t agree more; with a studio ready with TREK Sets, additional key crew professionals onboard, and no backlog of filmed footage in post-production, we’re ready to dive in POA!

The Next Generation of STAR TREK Fans

TREK TRAX’s special guest celebrities included the Duras Klingon sisters’ Gwynyth Walsh and Barbara March, Tim Russ (Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager), and Larry Nemechek.

Talking with TREKLAND's Larry Nemecek

Since Tim Russ worked with NEO f/x on Starship Farragut – The Animated Episodes providing the voice of the Vulcan Tamar in THE NEEDS OF THE MANY, I provided some DVDs of Farragut’s animated to him.

Discussing 'Animated' with the Live Action Tim Russ

Other Farragut supporters stopped by – John Sims and wife, Frank Parker and wife, and Chris Wieder.

John Sims & Wife with Romulan Brian Holloway

Mike, Holly and I agree that this was one of the best TREK convention experiences we’ve had.  Eric Watts and his convention team were professional, organized, and worked cohesively like a well-oiled machine.  Eric goes the extra mile with showing appreciation for folks’ participation.  Special thanks to Brian Holloway for also making the Farragut team feel like home.  We look forward to TREK TRAX 2012.

All in all, a very busy convention weekend!


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2 Responses to “Three Conventions in One Weekend!”

  1. Sean Says:

    One of these days I have to get to a con. It’s been waaaaay too long since I’ve been to one and I’d love to actually meet you guys.

  2. Vicki Greve Says:

    The pictures of Trek Trax 2011 are good, saw you all there. You helped make the first Trek Trax awesome.

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