Painting a Starship

I know, I know, I know!  It’s been too long since my last blog post.  However, a lot of good things have been happening, especially on Starship Farragut’s sets.  As you can see from the pictures below, the bridge sets are materializing nicely.

The Farragut Bridge - 11/13/10

This weekend in particular, Mike Bednar, Dennis Bailey, Dennis Stines and me traveled down to Farragut Films’ Studio One in St. Marys, GA.  Team Lead, Greg Greene and the rest of the set construction crew, Ron Simkavich, Royal Weaver, and Sam Rooks – they’ve all been working to have the final framing built for the bridge set (minus the bridge railing) and have prepped and primed our main standing set ready for painting this weekend.

Dennis Stines recommended the Hollywood approach of painting the sets — not with rollers, but with a professional sprayers.   A long-time friend and Farragut supporter, Dennis brought his paint sprayer and showed us how to efficiently paint the sets.

During this weekend’s working party, an assortment of folks stopped by to show support – Mark Hildebrand (Director), Craig Franco (Sound Engineer and Foley Artist), Marie Cook (Wardrobe Assistant), Dan Scanlon (Florida Times Union Reporter), and newcomer Katrina (set custodian).

Off topic, Mark Hildebrand showed excerpts from his latest film project, Semper Paratus.  Since the completion of Semper Paratus, Mark has resumed efforts with Michael Struck of NEO f/x on “Just Passing Through”.  The release date of “Just Passing Through” is scheduled for early next year.

Painting film sets with a sprayer is definitely the way to go – clearly, you can cut down the painting time by up to 75%and the results are very professional.  Masking off different colored areas, it went from one color to the next.  The sprayer also allowed for more productive use of people’s time as while we had to wait for paint to dry, we focused efforts on other tasks, and then went to Doc’s House of Chicken and Waffles – a nice St. Marys’ restaurant in St. Mary’s – just across the street from Studio One.

Sitting back with friends and catching up on life – it’s truly an ‘esprit de corps’ on Farragut Films.  This project is fun with dedicated folks who are family and friends.

A Great Crew

The following pictures show the painted bridge set to date.

Dennis Stines (Navigation), Dennis Bailey (Helm), John and Mike

Dennis Bailey who assisted on sets for the first time observed, “Working and seeing other Star Trek sets, I was most impressed with the skill of carpentry approached on Farragut’s;  the sets are strong and very well built – no squeaks when you walk on them and they’ll perform well for a long time.  The crew folks working the sets are amazing and dedicated group of people.  Very low stress and fun all day.”

We’re on course for our Open House Event on Saturday, December 4th from 10 AM to 4 PM at Farragut Films’ Studio One in St. Marys, GA.   Come on out and see them for yourself!


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6 Responses to “Painting a Starship”

  1. Michael Says:

    This is the second set building project I’ve been project manager on and although this one is more complicated than the first, it is coming together quite smoothly.

    I can’t thank the supporters of Farragut enough. Their continual donations, be it money, time or expertise have ensured the construction keep it’s time-line. Thank you and is my pleasure to bring you the Starship Farragut Sets.

  2. Tonya Says:

    Great work! You guys could probably build a house in 7 days as seen on Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

  3. Sean Says:

    “It’s been too long since my last blog post.”

    You’re just a man of few words, John! Also, posts like THIS more than make up for the occasional lack of verboseness. Verbosity. Verbiage? Verbiscitude?

    You get the idea. Thankfully my scriptwriting is clearer than my blogging….

  4. captaincarter Says:

    Hah too funny Darling. With Mike and his crew, anything and everything is possible!

  5. captaincarter Says:

    Thanks Mike – outstanding work. A nod to your leadership skills, as well as to your attention to detail, concern for safety and strive for excellence. Glad to have you aboard her!

  6. Peter Says:

    Love to take a stroll on that one. Anybody know the name of the color of the orange they used for the turbo lift door.

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