Scratch-Built TOS Star Trek Props

In looking for some old photos, I came across some that Mike Bednar gave me of some scratch-built, Star Trek – The Original Series (TOS) props he made in the early 1990’s.

The first one is of the classic phaser pistol weapon.  Keep in mind that when it was constructed, there were no BlueRay discs, DVDs, and the Internet was still in its infancy.  Mike used what reference was available at the time, as well as common-found items to construct the prop you see before you.

A Work of Art...

The next one is of the iconic communicator – the communications device used to confer between the ship’s bridge in space to the landing party on the planet.  If you didn’t have this baby, you were pretty much out of luck!  Again, Mike used what limited reference material was available with common-found items.

Another "Bednar" Prop

Both are two examples of great work and like Mike, I too was fascinated by these props.  Unfortunately, Mike sold these pieces of art to a fan shortly after making them.  Perhaps one of you reading this blog possesses it!

For the Starship Farragut project, Mike is our main propmaster and makes many of the props used in our films.  In fact, just as Irving A. Feinberg was the propmaster on the original series of Star Trek and where the cast and crew referred to props as “Feinbergers,” we too refer to our props in similar fashion, “That’s a Bednar.”


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