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Beaming Up A Set Construction Update!


Greg Greene & Mike Bednar - "Just Passing Through" Filming

For this latest update Starship Farragut set construction update, we turn to Team Lead Greg Greene.

“We have completed the construction phase of the transporter set!”

This is almost a new set, from the one previously constructed over a year ago.  Ron Simkamich and Greg built new wall flats and replaced the old masonite wall flats with fresh Luann walls. In addition, they also extended the 8 foot walls by adding 2 foot ‘toppers,’ the walls now stand at 10 feet tall. They installed the two sliding doors and built the set of steps for the transporter pad.  The paint schemes matches the 3rd season of The Original Series (TOS) as that is the time-frame our Starship Farragut series takes place.

Our Set Lighting guy, Sam Rooks has built the tubes for the transporter ceiling and they are ready to be installed.

Set Lighting Extraordinaire, Sam Rooks

All that remains for this set is some carpeting and the final detailing by Michael Bednar (moire lenticular sheets, the black and white “35MM film cell” strips, and the transporter console).  The transporter console is currently being detailed in his home.  In addition, John Sims will soon be detailing the side Engineering console – the device prominently used in the episodes, ASSIGNMENT: EARTH and THE THOLIAN WEB.

Transporter Side Console

Per Greg:

“The next set under construction is the iconic bridge set. It started a few months back and we will now be able to focus squarely on it.  Mike wanted us to complete the other sets before moving onto this last piece of the puzzle.  John has given us a dead line to have the sets built, and everything seems to be on schedule. As Scotty told Kirk in THE MOTION PICTURE, “She’ll launch on time sir, and she’ll be ready.”  🙂

Thanks Greg.  You and the rest of the folks are awesome.  We’re glad that you and the rest of the folks are on-board!  I cannot emphasize enough the dedicated support from our Georgia and JAX-based volunteers.  These folks give 100% on just about every weekend working on these sets.

Per Greg’s update above, I thought I’d give folks an update from my end up north in the WASH DC area.  In addition to generating funds for our set construction campaign, I’ve been working on the familiar chairs that will go on our bridge set.

Ten years ago, I was fortunate enough to examine a screen-used bridge chair from a friend who lives in Southern California.  This ‘friend’ owns numerous screen-used props and set pieces from the various incarnations of Star Trek.  He even built a special room to showcase them with hydraulic doors that open on their own  — just like in Star Trek!

Screen-Used Bridge Chair

Me in 2000 - Yikes!

He allowed me to measure the chair back, as well as to take a tracing and document it for reference.  Little did I know that I’d be making several to outfit our Starship Farragut sets years later!

James Cawley was also resourceful in providing me with his Burke chair template used in Star Trek: Phase II, as well as guidance to creating them.

In addition to my friend and James’ help, I was also fortunate to get insight from Starship Farragut’s Sound Engineer, Ralph Miller.  Ralph owns an original chair and has been selling exacting Burke Chair backs and cushions on eBay – Highly recommend you getting one from him (simply do a search on eBay for them and you will find his auctions).  Thanks to all of you for helping me out with this project.

We’ve already got three completed TREK chairs at our Studio, two at the Helm/Navigation Console and one located in the Captain’s Quarters.  Just need three more chairs to round off our ½ bridge set (Tacket’s Science station, Morretti’s Communications station and Smithfield’s Engineering station).  For those familiar with CLASSIC TREK, I am referring to Spock’s station, sweeping over to Uhura and then to Scotty’s station.

You can see below the 1st prototype made.  I learned a lot making this one and made refinements to the other two backs (see green cushioned backs).  I’ll re-upholster the prototype and upholster the other 2 backs with better leatherette material.  Then onto the chairs themselves – I need to create the cushions, glue up the 3 sets of triangles on each chair butt, then paint them accordingly.

Prototype and Other Chair Backs In the Making

See the one chair we had from our pilot episode, THE CAPTAINCY for what the end result will look like.  Special thanks to Dennis Bailey who donated three Burke Chairs used in the SCI-FI film, POLARIS for Starship Farragut.  An update with the finished chairs will be provided on a later blog post.

"Got Burke Chairs?"

Obviously, all of this work requires funding.  All of the funds received from donations and recent TREK fabric sales have gone directly towards set construction efforts.  We appreciate the support and continue to solicit gift cards from LOWES and Home Depot (LOWES preferred given its proximity to our sets).  Monetary donations may be made via PayPal to
Farragut Films is a NON-PROFIT entity (501C3), and your donation can be claimed as a charitable contribution on your tax return.

For other pictures of the Starship Farragut sets, as well as updated pictures of our bridge set – please go to the Starship Farragut forum to view them.

As previously reported, we plan to have another open house event for the public – free of charge in mid-November.  More details to follow; stay tuned!