Pizza with the Pros – Outreach to Film Students

Posted Signs at The Art Institute

Mark Hildebrand and I were invited to speak with film students at The Art Institute of Washington, DC (a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta, GA). Sydney Garth, Student Employment Advisor facilitates the industry outreach program called, “Pizza with the Pros.”


Sydney Garth, Student Employment Advisor

Pizza with the Pros brings Industry Professionals to the school’s campus to talk about their respective fields and give students pointers on how and what to prepare for future work. Taking place around lunch time, pizza is provided for the students – hence its name.

Sydney reached out to us present on March 10th. Mark brought props and a picture presentation of behind-the-scenes photos. After introductory remarks, we showed the Starship Farragut Crew Log, “A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE” (film short).  Bloopers from our second film, “FOR WANT OF A NAIL” were shown, as well as several minutes of the animated episode, “THE NEEDS OF THE MANY”.  Mark and I entertained questions from the students.  The film students, totaling 20 people seemed genuinely impressed with our work – some even desiring to be involved such as film student, Ashton Payne who said, “I would like to work on your next video shoot and get some real experience…”

Mark Addresses Students' Questions

In addition, Mark Hildberband showed his collection of props used in Starship Farragut.  I shared some costume elements with folks (uniform swatches, patches, rank braid, etc.), marketing material, and almost 100 DVDs were handed out to students (one of each film). 

Afterwards, Sydney provided a tour of the school to Mark and me; a most impressive facility. He thanked us for the information offered, adding that he believed it to be of great value, and based on past events – a strong relationship building tool between presenters and students.

Pizza is Served!

As a non-profit, Farragut Films was founded in part to help students get exposure to the art of filmmaking; we are delighted to help others become acquainted in front of the camera, as well as behind it. 

For those that may be interested in a career of filmmaking, please check out The Art Institute of Washington website.  For those interested in working with Starship Farragut – please email Holly Bednar (Farragut Films’ Director of Casting and HR) for more details.


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