Ralph Miller, Star Trek’s “Audio God”

Ralph M. Miller

I’d like to refer to Ralph M. Miller as the “Audio God” of Star Trek fan films. In addition to working on Starship Farragut, he has also worked on Starship Exeter, Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II and Star Trek – Of Gods and Men. In addition, Ralph’s professional credentials also include other movies – Just Desserts, Bonnie and Clyde: End of the Line, and InAlienable, which featured an assortment of Star Trek alumni in a sci-fi trial movie. Ralph is known for his talents in Sound production. When working on a film, Ralph wears many hats: Sound Designer, Foley artist, sound effects editor, ADR recordest, boom operator, production sound mixer and music editor.

Well, Ralph – you’ve got quite an impressive resume as it relates to providing sound work. How did you get involved doing sound work for Star Trek fan films?

Like most of us involved, way back in 2004 I saw Star Trek New Voyages “Come What May” and “Starship Exeter” on the Internet. My first reaction was “WOW!” I was so impressed with the sets and special effects, but the sound quality of both productions was not the greatest. So I contacted the producers and offered to help with sound design for their next episodes. At first I did not hear back from them, so I sent them each a demo CD. With in 24hrs I received a phone call from both.

Mixing in Star Trek New Voyages' IN HARMS WAY

I have been working hard to build a reputation for my sound design work, and as a result, I have been fortunate to have been approached by other quality productions such as “Starship Farragut” and “Of Gods and Men.”

You’ve also provided voice work as well. For Starship Farragut in particular, you’ve been the Farragut’s computer in the live action series and a Gorn in the animated adventures. What other voices have you lent for film projects?

I haven’t had as many opportunities as I have hoped for. It is a tough business to get into. I do a lot of background voices in the episode and in some cases, the actors are not available for looping (ADR) sessions, so I have to mimic their voices. I usually get away with it undetected. “The Gorn” and “The Guardian of Forever” for Of Gods and Men” are the two that I am most proud of.

A Favorite Element of Trek Fan Films - The Guardian of Forever

Mentioning Starship Farragut: The Animated Adventures, please describe what it was like working on this project. I would think that it would have been a change of pace, considering that most projects you’ve worked on have been live-action and this being animation. 

Revitalizing the 'Gorn"

It has been a real joy to work on the Animated Adventures. First let me say, NEO f/x has been wonderful to work with. I have put a lot of effort into making it sound exactly like the original cartoon, from using the same sound effect, and to using the original music.

With the Internet being so viral and computer technology enabling folks to make their own videos -what are your thoughts on this? Do you think that there is a ‘film revolution’ taking place? Do you think that Hollywood and the film industry are changing business practices to compete or to raise their quality of their films?

Yes! Times are changing Big Time! I believe that one day all media will be on the Internet.

Working on Star Trek New Voyages' WORLD ENOUGH & TIME

You’ve provided some great comedic video clips on YouTube, including being a Klingon Commander battling words with Kirk and playing President Nixon in contemporary times. Any other comedic video projects you’d like to mention?

Well, I have a new one, “Star Wars/Geico” –a commercial spoof that is pretty funny. I have more projects in the pipeline. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for your time. It was great talking with you and learning more about your sound work. For those interested, you can see Ralph’s YouTube work at:


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