Walter Koenig’s Son Missing

Andrew Koenig

Vancouver police have confirmed that former “Growing Pains” star Andrew Koenig is missing, and there is an ongoing investigation to find him that began on February 18.

The 42-year-old Koenig, who played “Boner” on “Growing Pains” and is the son of Walter Koenig (who played Ensign Pavel Chekov on STAR TREK), is the camera operator on the comedy podcast “Never Not Funny” and has been missing for a week, last seen on February 14 in Vancouver.  According to Walter’s official website, Andrew was last seen at a baker in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver, where he often took walks.  In a telephone interview with Entertainment Tonight, Walter said, “He was in a depressed state.”  Judy Koenig (Walter’s wife and Andrew’s mom) added, “We heard from him in early February when he was staying with friends in Toronto. He sounded fine, but I was worried about him.”

“Never Not Funny” host Dave Holmes says on the site that Koenig didn’t make his flight back from the Winter Olympics city to the U.S. on February 16 and “lots of people are looking. Could you reblog this and help get the word out? And say some prayers or think some positive thoughts?”  The site goes on to say, “Andrew is a super, super good guy, and we’re thinking of him and his family. If you’re in the Northwest, please keep your eyes out, and no matter where you are, please share this news.”

Taking Dave Holme’s advice, I thought I’d blog about it to bring additional awareness in finding Andrew.  On behalf of the cast & crew of Starship Farragut, we wish him well and safe travels back to his family. 

Anyone with information on Koenig’s whereabouts should call the Vancouver police at 604-717-2534.


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One Response to “Walter Koenig’s Son Missing”

  1. Losira Says:

    My prayers and hopes go with the Koenig family that andrew is safe and will come home soon in the meantime those with smartphones download his pic especialy those in Vancouver @ surrounding area keep your eyes open,ask about if he has been seen @ where. Contavt Vancouver PD if spoted. My cousin from Seattle has started the phone pic idea. Andrew come home to the ones who love you. God keep you safe

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