Fan Focus: Michael Mazzacano

For this latest “fan focus” segment, I reached out to Michael Mazzacano.  A  fan of The Original Series (TOS) of Star Trek, he has been a long-time supporter of Starship Farragut, particularly in the area of our costumes.  Living in Southern California, he has had access to view costumes either by private collectors, Hollywood auction houses and film museums. 

I’ve known you for about eight years, and you’re a big fan Classic Trek, and in terms of collecting – it has been primarily on the costumes.  For our audience, can you please share what you particularly like and what you may own that would interest folks? 

I really like the colors used in the original series, particularly the command gold/green color.   Think the colors and fabric reflects the 1960’s.  I appreciate the fact that the colors and fabric are rare now and that it adds to the challenges of creating an accurate costume.  I own a pair of screen used original series uniform pants.  Getting back to colors and fabric I appreciate the detail put into the pants, including the sparkly fabric used, but seldom noticed on screen.   

With our film project, we pride ourselves on the details – the ship, sets, props, and costumes.  How do our costumes compare to other fan films or to TOS? 

I have watched many if not all of the TOS fan films.  Most of them seem to have nice sets and props; however I feel that the others fall short on the costumes.  The other films have very home made amateur looking costumes.  Successful TOS costumes as well as other elements are custom fitted to each actor, especially the color.  I noticed that John nails the custom fit with his costumes and does a great job on the collar.   His costumes look like the rolled out of the original sets.

Sample Costumes - April 2009

With the re-boot of the STAR TREK franchise, what did you think of the homage paid by costumer Michael Kaplan with the updated approach to the original uniforms?    

I appreciate that they stuck with the three colors similar to what was used in the original show.  I also like that they simplified the outfits by adding the black undershirt to create the V neck collar.  I always thought this would have worked better on the original show.

For future film efforts in development, we’ve begun work on the formal dress uniforms, as well as a new Captain’s wrap-around.  What other uniforms would you like to see, yet haven’t seen?

I would like to see the silver space suits and a 1st season style wrap would be nice too!

In addition, I’ve also designed a McCoy-ish medical smock for our female doctor and an engineering work jacket for lady Smithfield.  All of these take in consideration Bill Theiss’ consistent raglan sleeve approach.  Although Star Trek helped to showcase females in a more positive light prior to the 1960’s – there still needed much more equality in terms of females in areas of leadership and managing departments.  With our TREK film project, we have some liberties since we never observed a Starship female doctor or chief engineer in the original series.  From a TOS costuming perspective, what are your thoughts on expanding Theiss’ concepts on other practical Starfleet uniforms?

I think that using Bill Theiss’ concepts on other uniforms is a cool idea.   Also, I almost forgot – Jackets!  I really liked the jackets used in the Cage!  Since that episode, you never see the jackets again!  I would think some planets with different atmospheres would require some kind of cold weather gear, even in the future.  I think it would have been nice to see them in a couple of episodes.

If you like ‘jackets’ – you should check out the jackets used in “For Want of a Nail” – an updated approach to a realistic filming challenge in the Winter of 1776!

Updated Field Jackets

Thanks for your time, Michael.  We appreciate the support and will continue to provide more film efforts that showcase the familiar TREK costumes.


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One Response to “Fan Focus: Michael Mazzacano”

  1. Losira Says:

    The idea of field jackets is something I had questioned a need for since “Spocks breain. When a phaser was used. To heat rocks for warmth. “The enemy within” When Sulu @ CO nearly froze stranded on that planet. Those jackets on your latest sory looks great! Tayloerd and professional. Good job.

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