Becoming a Whovian?

Well, fellow Farraguteers Michael Day and Mike Bednar would be proud.  Over the weekend, I watched the much anticipated Dr. Who specials on BBC America, “Planet of the Dead” and “The Waters of Mars.” By the way, who comes up with these titles?!?! 

Also earlier in the week, I watched online, “The Next Doctor,” which was a more light-hearted and funny episode.  I had thought that this burley guy would be the next Doctor, but then found a picture of the one that will be replacing David Tennant, which was a totally different Doctor.

The Next Doctor

Anyway, I have to admit that I’ve become a fan of the new series and have to say that it was a combination of David Tennant (he really brought something special to the Doctor), the writers (Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner) providing creative storytelling, and updated special effects that locked me into this British cult phenomenon. 

Below are my takes on the two specials:

Planet of the Dead – A really cool episode with a flying London bus with a rather hot, but profiteering risktaker “Lady Christina” – this character reminded me of Captain Picard’s girlfriend Vash (reference to Star Trek: The Next Generation). I wasn’t aware that contemporary/modern London knew of “The Doctor” and they seem to refer to him as some sort of hero?!?!

The Waters of Mars – This one explored a different take in the Doctor’s personality.  At the end of “Planet of the Dead” we see that the Doctor was warned about his life is coming to an end, and I guess that stuck with him.  While visiting the Red Planet in a space suit, the Doctor comes in contact with the first colony on Mars – Bowie Base One, which is under the command of Captain Brooke – this is a historic event where the bases is destroyed in an explosion, which the Doctor knows they’re doomed.  He quickly learns of the date:  November 21, 2059 – the same date of the explosion.  Being a good Doctor, he knows that this event is “fixed in time” and he must not interfere – therefore, he opts to leave Mars.  However, in the process – he gets stuck and helps the crew with some mysterious water problems.  At a point in which he can safely leave, the Doctor opts to not do so – but to change events. 

Through his numerous travels, countless companions, and heart-ache over heart-ache – you get the sense that he is tired and says to hell with trying to keep up the prime directive of non-interference (sorry, I know – it’s a Star Trek reference), and opts to save the crew.  Using the TARDIS, he brings most of them back to Earth – London that is, and then learns that they are reacting totally opposite of how he was expecting. 

He refers to himself audaciously as the “Time Lord Victorious” and he vows that with this power, he can now ensure the survival of pivotal figures such as Captain Brooke, as well as “little people.”  Captain Brooke scolds the Doctor for his new-found arrogance and asserts that “Time Lord Victorious” is wrong; she enters her home and commits suicide. The Doctor’s efforts at changing time are mostly undone.  The Doctor is overcome with emotion, realizing that his actions will have consequences. An alien with mandibles appears in the street and the Doctor seems to know this person; he is visibly disturbed – the Doctor asks him whether he has finally gone too far — whether the time has come for him to die. The alien vanishes, and the Doctor staggers back into the TARDIS. He yells, “No!” and begins to operate the controls – setting the stage for the next special, “The End of Time – Part 1.”

I realize that I need to watch all of the Doctor Who episodes and become more familiar with this great series.  According to my blog stats, the other Doctor Who post was the most read and commented blog post (in addition to anything Starship Farragut Animated).  It almost pains me to say this, but I guess I’m becoming a “Whovian!”


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7 Responses to “Becoming a Whovian?”

  1. Kevin Palm Says:

    Bwahahahaha! Resistance is futile, my good Captain! You’re in for a real treat when you catch up on the earlier episodes, especially “Blink”!

  2. ShadowWing Tronix Says:

    I wasn’t always impress with Russel T’s version for various reasons (mostly in the finales), but I’m excited to see Steven Moffat, who has written some of my favorite New Who episodes, taking the reigns of power as it were.

  3. Kevin Palm Says:

    Just finished watching Part One of “The End of Time.” Interesting cliffhanger, and it makes me realize how much I’ll miss David Tennant. I’m willing to give Matt Smith a chance, but he has some REALLY big Converses to fill! ;-D

  4. Michael Says:

    Really? The animated episodes are popular…that make me smile 🙂

  5. Michael Day Says:

    About time John. Mike & I have been working hard getting you to become a Whovian. Hopefully there will not be a computer mishap on the next long road trip, and you can catch up on more Doctor Who episodes.

  6. Dennis Says:


  7. Kevin Palm Says:

    So, have you watched “The End of Time”? What did you think?

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