Starship Farragut Goes to College!

Albeit late, but I still wanted to wrap-up on the Illinois Central College (ICC) trip that Farragut Films attended some weeks ago…

On Friday, November 20th, the intrepid crew of the U.S.S. Farragut ventured into the world of academia by participating in a special discussion panel on independent filmmaking. Undertaking the 13-hour ride to the ICC North Campus in Peoria were Mike and Holly Bednar, Mark Hildebrand and myself.

Developed as a live learning experience for film students, the idea for the program came about as a result of English and Language Studies faculty member Ron Malcolm, who featured Starship Farragut prominently in his introductory film classes to provide a practical lesson in hands-on filmmaking. Impressed by the immediate success and feedback from the students of the materials provided, Malcolm relayed the outcome to the Farragut team and requested that we take an upgraded version of the show on the road, so to speak.

So, the four of us (Mike, Holly, Mark, and I) embarked on a journey to Peoria. We played “A Rock and a Hard Place” to a receptive crowd in the Arbor Auditorium and afterwards spent time answering questions from the film students, showing our props & costumes, and taking with students one-on-one about filmmaking.

Adressing Questions from ICC Film Students

I also got a chance to meet up with Farraguteer, Kim Haas.  She met up with us initially at the Parsippany CREATION Convention and has been helping our film efforts with her professional embroidery work.  She lives in Illinois, so our trip to Peoria afforded us both the opportunity to finally meet!

Kim Haas and me

Summing up the experience, Ron Malcolm noted:

“You people did a phenomenal job. During the film, there was laughing and applause and the presentation went incredibly well. It was entertaining and informative. The faculty members who came were duly impressed… and already want to know when you’re coming back!”

Continuing, Malcolm added:

“Everyone played an important role in that presentation and I liked how everyone—especially my students—got a chance to ask questions of all the panel members. John was the quintessential quarterback and did a great job of providing context for the others’ remarks. It made for a great learning experience. I really hope we can do it again.”

Film Instructor Ron Malcolm and the Farragut Team

Anything is possible, Ron.  Starship Farragut may indeed return to the “Port of Peoria” some day.  Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to meet you and the film students at ICC.


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