“Holy costume party, Batman!”

“Holy costume party, Batman!”   Believe it or not, that’s an actual quote from the boy wonder Robin from the Classic 60’s BATMAN show.  I found it most appropriate to start this particular blog post!

Last year, my company held an internal Halloween party with a contest for “best costume”.  I won last year wearing a screen-used Star Trek: The Next Generation jumpsuit and wanting to hold my title again this year, planned to make my costume. 

Going with a super-hero theme, I thought about Batman, but his character seems pretty saturated – I decided to do his trusty sidekick, Robin instead.  For a nostalgic moment, I thought about the Robin from the classic TV show, BATMAN; however, I opted to go with the more modern version as depicted in the current DC Comics and Teen Titans.


Collage Courtesy of Rob Turner

Having lead the costume efforts for the Starship Farragut Internet film series, I wanted to make my costume from scratch.  I did some research on the Internet and worked primarily off two pictures. 


Photos Used for Reference

With the exception of the boots (already had), pants, mask, and cape – I made the costume from scratch.  Here are some details from a costume construction perspective:

Shirt = Using a raglan shirt pattern, made the sleeves green using Kelly Green spandex with the wrong side out making it less shiny.  Red fabric was nylon double-knit fabric.  The “R” logo was an embroidered patch and the yellow square buttons came from a child’s Rubies brand Robin costume that I found at a thrift store.  Cutting the three squares out and then using fusible web interfacing, made it into a patch that was then sew onto the costume.  The collar area edging was simply turning it inside and sewing it down and the sleeve hems were blindstiched.

Underwear = Simple “trunks” made of matching red fabric.

Utility Belt = Using a karate belt, I lined it with shiny yellow plastic that I got from using a children’s raincoat.  The belt buck was simply a Craftsman’s workmans belt.  All items purchased for under $5.00 at a thrift store.

Cape = using a Dracula cape, I modified it by removing the high rising collar.  Didn’t have enough time to align the inside with yellow fabric as depicted – although I had purchased a yellow bed sheet from a thrift store do to so.

Well, competition was fierce this year (only six people participated in the costume contest!), but safe to say that this year I took home the “best costume” and a nice bottle of red wine.     

Fellow Farraguteers Rob Turner and Cheryl Thomas-Smith partipated as a cowboy and “ultimate Phillys fan” respectively.   For Starship Farragut fans, RT in this case means Sherriff “Rough & Tough!” 

Halloween Party 020

Cheryl Thomas-Smith & Rob Turner

A big shout out and thanks to my girlfriend who hung in there during the creation of this costume!


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One Response to ““Holy costume party, Batman!””

  1. Ron Shanko Says:

    Holy Bat Crusader!

    Great Job!

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