Star Trek Artist, Steve Conley Interview

Well, I see that it has been a long time since I’ve done a blog post – going back to 10/20/09!  When I first started this blog, I was and have been consistently committed to doing at least two blog posts a week; however recent events – the refilming of JUST PASSING THROUGH (4th film effort), a house-move, the Utopia Film Festival, work, etc. have overtaken my available free time. 

Regardless, I now have a lot of new content to discuss – first recapping the Baltimore Comic-Con with an interview with Star Trek artist, Steve Conley.  Steve is a comic book artist (, and has worked on numerous projects, including STAR TREK YEAR FOUR, which picked up where the original television series left off from the third season.  This comic book mini-series was published by IDW Publishing in 2007 and 2008.  

Two comic book artists were involved in continuing the Enterprise’s five year mission – artists Gordon Purcell and Steve Conley.  Stories were written by David Tischman and Star Trek alumni DC Fontana followed up the series with Star Trek: Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment.  I first met up with Steve at the Baltimore Comic-Con in 2007 and was able to visit with him again this year at the same convention.  

Steve ConleyBelow is my interview with Steve:

*  Prior to being a comic book artist for STAR TREK YEAR FOUR, were you a Star Trek Fan?
Absolutely. I grew up watching the original series and it’s still my  favorite science fiction television series. I enjoyed the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine as well but they didn’t – and don’t – hold a candle to the original.
*  How long were you drawing before you became a comic book artist?
I’ve been drawing comics for as far back as I can remember. I think I’m pretty fortunate to have found at a very early age the  knack for drawing.
*  You’ve seen the new JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie – how did you like it?
I enjoyed the movie and have done my best to NOT think about it since. There were so many coincidences, plot holes and gimmicks that I think it’s a film that wouldn’t bear repeat viewing but it was filmed and edited in such a fun way that the one-time experience was worth having. 
I think the best thing the creators of the new film did was to formalize the paradox between the original series and this new take. 
*  Are you working on any new projects related to Star Trek?
Not right now but would love the opportunity to draw those characters again if the right opportunity came along. Currently, I’m working on a number of my own comics projects – chiefly The Kid Knight.
*  While at the Baltimore Comic-Con, I saw your latest project – The Kid Knight.  Tell us more about this project.
The Kid Knight is a fantasy story about a modern-day 13-year old selected by Merlin to defeat an ancient evil. It’s a brand new project and one I’m having a lot of fun with. I’ve written and drawn many science fiction stories and this is my forst foray into fantasy.
But I couldn’t leave outer space completely behind as the hero in the story is able to summon the constellations – Leo, Scorpio, Ursa Major and Minor, Pegasus, etc. as allies to fight alongside him.
Not only is it tremendous fun to write, I think it’s some of the best art I’ve done yet.
*  Anything else you care to share with folks?
Just to say thanks and keep creating new episodes. I love that you keep the spirit of the original Star Trek series alive!

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