Baltimore Comic-Con Recap

The Baltimore Comic-Con for 2009 was great.  It was their 10th anniversary, and our 2nd time attending this great convention.  We met fans of Starship Farragut at the convention, and made a few new ones.  Our 1st animated episode was a hit.  Many people stopped at the table to take a look at ‘Power Source’ – thinking initially that it was the original animated series of Star Trek!  We were happy to give them a DVD of it, as well as other films from our live action series.

Michael Day & Mark Hildebrand at Baltimore Comic-Con

Michael Day & Mark Hildebrand at Baltimore Comic-Con

One of our objectives at the convention was to search for a comic book artist to create a comic book for us.  We met some really talented artists at the CON, including Terry Huddleston, Robert Ames, Kirk Kugel, Dan Fogel, Joe Pekar, Jerry Bennett, and Jim Sullivan.  A few of these artists are interested in doing a comic book adaptation using one of our scripts or doing some other artwork for us (like a storyboard for upcoming episodes).  So far, Jerry Bennett appears to be the guy onboard and currently drawing likenesses of the main three characters and a faux comic book cover.  More details to follow on the upcoming STARSHIP FARRAGUT comic book, as well as an update to Kail Tescar‘s FILMATION version comic book. 

0730_001We also met up with Steve Conley, who was one of the illustrators on STAR TREK YEAR FOUR comic book series.   When we attended in 2007, Steve drew likenesses of CAPT Carter and CDR Tacket.  This time when we met up, we asked him to do a likeness of Engineer Smithfield and one of all three together – see below.  

"Three Amigos" by Steve Conley

"Three Amigos" by Steve Conley

I also got a chance to catch up with David Miller, another talented artist who developed Starship Farragut’s first storyboards, which were used on our SERIES TRAILER – which was first introduced to folks in early 2006.   David is also interested in helping us with a comic book adaptation. 

In all, it was great to get expose a different set of folks to our animated episode, as well as our live action series and to recruit for a comic book artist.  I am looking forward to our next Baltimore Comic-Con experience next year.


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10 Responses to “Baltimore Comic-Con Recap”

  1. Kevin Palm Says:

    That sounds awesome!! I’m happy to see that Starship Farragut is getting even more exposure!! I LOVE the “Three Amigos” drawing!

    If Baltimore Comic Con is the same time next year, that’s around my birthday!! Hmmm, I know what to ask the wife for now… ;-D

  2. Daniel Says:

    Nice artwork; “Three Amigos” by Steve Conley!
    I have some friends that do cool coloring work, that could make that pop.
    Love to see a comic book version of your adventures…. maybe you could release them on the iPhone Store through iVerse Comics. The have STAR TREK: Year Four comics for iPhone.

  3. captaincarter Says:

    Daniel – If you send me your email address, I can forward the larger, HI-RES version of Steve’s work for coloring. One thing I learned, numerous artists were interested in illustrating for us, but not so much on the coloring side. Also, they’re doing most of the coloring by using Photoshop, not hand-coloring like back in the day. THANKS.

  4. ShadowWing Tronix Says:

    So the Farragut crew ticked off the Kryptonians, I see. (think about it)

    So how do we get DVDs of the shows?

  5. Daniel Says:

    Sent you e-mail, feel free to to send to that address.

  6. Sean Says:

    The more I look at that picture, the more it hits me. It’s the eyes. He really got the shape of all of your eyes down. That’s the thing that’s always bothered me about Trek comics, or really any other comics based on live-action. The general faces are recognizable, but the eyes are almost always wrong.

  7. ShadowWing Tronix Says:

    Alternately, you can use the low-res image, but only if your a less-than-stellar colorist to being with. Like me! 😀

  8. Daniel Says:

    ShadowWing Tronix,
    You did a very cool job on the coloring. Nice job. I don’t think I
    would have the Captain’s shirt space out so long but that’s me.
    Very nice. 😀

  9. ShadowWing Tronix Says:

    The problem was I couldn’t figure out where the shirt would end, so I went for the “artistic” thing. Which allowed me to cheat on the space scene (picture tubes are why I love Paint Shop Pro). 🙂

  10. SNS> Farragut 3: The Comic « BW Media Spotlight Says:

    […] done by a two bit fan with Paint Shop Pro who needed the color practice. (You can see the original here, but I just wanted to show off. That was hosted at my ImageShack account. I should put one up at […]

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