Ask the Chief!

Ask the Chief!” is a phrase that everyone in the Navy has heard, and has many times had to go do.  For over 100 years, the Chief has been the cornerstone, and the one person to ask when anyone had a question.  He is the one that “runs” the ship.
My Brother - The Chief

My Brother - The Chief

On September 16, 2009, onboard the U.S.S. Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58) in Jacksonville, Florida, a special ceremony was held to welcome Michael Broughton as one of the Navy’s newest Chief Petty Officer (CPO), a rank that inherits the prestige of only the Navy’s finest.  Fellow Farraguteer, John Broughton, Sr. (my Dad) participated in the event:

“One can only be proud in knowing that this is a special honor, especially when the Captain of the ship ordered Mike to be both “bonged aboard” and “piped aboard” with all of the enlisted men salute him.  As a previous submariner in the U.S. Navy, I had never seen – or heard of – an enlisted man saluting another enlisted man.  Looking back on the ceremony, I know that there was a tear in my eye for my son and his 15-year journey to achieve this milestone in his career.  When I pinned his anchor upon his collar, I knew that he has become the person that I always knew he was.”

Dad, CPO (SW) Michael Broughton and wife Liz Broughton

Dad, CPO (SW) Michael Broughton and wife Liz Broughton

I wish that I could have been there to have witnessed this event, but was definitely there in spirit.  Mike’s wife Liz pinned the other “anchor” to his collar with his sponsor placing his cap on his head.  Other family members consisted of his daughter Sam, brother Tony (also an active duty navy member) with his wife Stephanie and their son Ayden Michael, and other brother Patrick (U.S. Army).   

Mike and Tony are also supporters of the Starship Farragut project, as well as their two friends and fellow shipmates Bill Worden and Jason Mann (Bill and Jason also serve onboard the Samuel P. Roberts).  Reflecting back on the event made me realize that we have a lot of folks involved in the Starship Farragut project have Navy ties.  As for myself, I was in the Navy from 91-95 and my Dad served during the Vietnam era on both submarine and surface vessels.  Other U.S. Navy “Farraguteers” include Bob McDonough who plays Transporter Chief Galway, Kevin Palm (strong supporter and active member on the Starship Farragut forums), Royal Weaver (retired Master Chief).

For my brother, I am most proud of him and this important milestone in his life.  Congratulations Mike!


2 Responses to “Ask the Chief!”

  1. Kevin Palm Says:

    That is VERY cool, John! That’s a fantastic achievement, and I can imagine how proud you and your dad are of him! Tell Mike congratulations from me the next time you see him, will you?

  2. keyla Says:

    Wow this was doubtlessly one of the most effective blurbs I have read on the topic so far. I do not have any idea where you get all your information but keep it coming! I’m gunna send some folks to this site to check this out. Awesome, totally awesome. I’m have just started getting into spitting out articles myself, nothing compared to your writing skills (ha!) but I would love for you to take my article sometime! bowflex

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