Who or What is Doctor Who?

I had a great experience while traveling to and from St. Mary’s, Georgia recently for set construction at our studio.  I was introduced to the new episodes of Doctor Who

New Series of Doctor Who

New Series of Doctor Who

For those that may not be familiar with Doctor Who – it is a British Sci-Fi show that has been on the air since the 1960’s.  “The Doctor”, as he simply refers to himself is actually an alien from a different planet with two hearts that travels through time and space in his ship called the TARDIS, which stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.  From the outside, the TARDIS looks like an old Public Police Box (outdated by today’s standards, but more of a common place item in the early 1960’s when the show first aired).  Safe to say that the ship is much larger on the inside than it is on the outside!

My initial exposure to the Doctor Who series was seeing two movies back-to-back starring Peter Cushing (Governor Tarkin from STAR WARS) with my Dad on a Saturday many years ago.  I was just a small kid and scared of the Daleks!  Later when I was a teenager, I saw Doctor Who on PBS during the late hours of the night. 

Doctor #4, Tom Baker - Yikes!

Doctor #4, Tom Baker - Yikes!

It starred Tom Baker as the Doctor and looked very hokey – a guy with big curly hair, a scarf and a robot dog, as well as aliens that were even hokier — they looked like they were borrowed from LAND OF THE LOST

Doctor Who was re-launched in 2005 on the Sci-Fi Channel (sorry, I meant to say “SyFy”) with a “new” doctor, incredible visual effects, and great writing (both clever and creative storytelling).  Fellow Farragut producers Michael Bednar and Michael Day have been trying to get me to look at the new episodes as they’re both fans for some time.  With time to kill on the 12-hour journey one-way, I finally got the opportunity to watch a few Doctor Who episodes from Season 3 of the new series.  I was blown away and really impressed!  I kept thinking to myself – this is great!  The writing, visuals, acting — all first rate; I was hooked.

David Tennant as Doctor Who

David Tennant as Doctor Who

The episodes I was watching featured David Tennant as ‘The Doctor’ with Freema Agyemanas as his traveling companion ‘Martha Jones’. 

I plan to finish watching the 3rd season of Doctor Who, and then go back and start from the 1st season of 2005 and see how everything fits together.  I was told that some of the ‘companions’ appear in multiple seasons for guest appearances, which seems to carry things consistent in TV show spanning almost 50 years!  All in all, I’m a new Doctor Who fan, and highly recommend the TV series for those that have not had the pleasure of taking a ride in the TARDIS!


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10 Responses to “Who or What is Doctor Who?”

  1. Kevin Palm Says:

    You’ve just made your first step into a larger universe! ;-D Seriously, John, welcome to the ranks of Who fans!! Tom Baker was “my Doctor” as well since my local PBS station played the eps continuously, or so it seemed! I think you’ll like Christopher Eccleston’s (the 9th Doctor) take on the character, and he’s quite a bit different than David Tennant. You’re in for a real treat when you go back to Series One! You’ll have to check out Torchwood, too, which is a more adult spin on the Whoniverse…

  2. captaincarter Says:

    Last night, Michael Day came over and he showed me BBC America – ON DEMAND. They only had epsiodes 7 and 8 from the first season, which features Christopher Eccleston – I’m not sure I’m a big fan of him – he seemed more darker and less charming than David Tennant. For me, David T – made the show. I also now remember who Billie Piper is – she’s on SHOWTIME’s The Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Not that I’d watch such a show. 🙂

  3. Losira Says:

    Glad to know that you & Dr. Who made your intos. I’ve watched the Dr. And in all his incarnations & companions. The stories are innovated and broke new ground in story telling. I would suggest get the years past as well watching the reboot. I do agree that David Tennant does the Dr. Justice. Overlook the past cheesy effects and hang on for some great story telling, and innovative thought provoking consepts. Also capt jack makes reference being Mr. Spock! Best to all of you always

  4. ShadowWing Tronix Says:

    As much as I enjoy Star Trek, Doctor Who is one of my top three must sees, so I’ve really enjoyed this series over the years. There will be a new Doctor coming next year, and I’m curious to see how well he does.

    And I also welcome you to your future status of Whovian. I have to disagree about Torchwood, as I watched most of the first season, and it just seemed to up the sex and blood a bit much (plus the uncensored curse words) for a show that allegedly spun off from a family/kids show. I would, however, recommend The Sarah Jane Adventures, although it’s not quite as epic as Who.

  5. Kevin Palm Says:

    ShadowWing, I have to agree with you to a certain point about Series One, but it did have it’s good points (Countrycide) and bad (Cyberwoman), but Series Two was MUCH better, and the recent Children of Earth totally knocked it out of the park!!

  6. Sean Says:

    Give Eccleston a chance, particularly in the early episodes of his season. I was a little hesitant myself when David Tennant came in, but by the second episode he’d won me over.

  7. ShadowWing Tronix Says:

    I had to look up “Countrycide”, as I never got that far with Season 1. I’ll have to take your word for it, but it lost me before then.

  8. Bradzilla Says:

    I actually liked Chris Eccleston – he was very “Doctor-like” in that he was quite quirky and manic. I was disappointed to see him go after just one season; now he holds the record for shortest lived actor in the role. I’m not counting the 1996 movie since it was a one-shot deal. They should have potential actors sign a clause that they will stick to the role for at least three years. Now that we’re approaching #11, we’re dangerously close to the Doctor’s last incarnation.

  9. Dennis Says:

    I like Tennant, but Eccleston remains my favorite Doctor. I wish he’d done the show for more than just one year. And it really isn’t the same without Rose (Billy Piper).

    I’m curious about the new kid, Matt Smith, but so far nothing I’ve seen fills me with excitement – except, of course, for the rather essential fact that Moffet is in charge.

  10. rich hoff Says:

    thanks for the great work on farragut
    now getting to the doctor
    this series of doctor who is awesome you owe it to yourself to see the entire chris ecc and david tennant series..
    the two parter episodes from this series are so good that i had to watch it one after the other..
    when you have the time go back and watch previous incarnations of the doctor as well ..

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