Trailer for 2nd Animated Adventure

With the 1st Starship Farragut animated adventure completed, a trailer for the 2nd adventure is available for viewing – check it out below! 

I thought I’d again interview Michael Struck, Manager of NEO f/x and fellow producer of the Starship Farragut project. 

Now that POWER SOURCE is completed and you’ve released the trailer for THE NEEDS OF THE MANY – how are things progressing on the 2nd animated episode?

Very well, actually. This last week Jack and I went through about 3 versions of the edit and have now gotten it to the point where we are happy with it. There are a couple lines that the Farragut folks need to record/re-record, but for the most part we are getting rather close to calling that act locked. From there we send it off for sound effects and music.

With feedback from folks, as well as internal lessons learned, I’m thinking that the next one should progress better.  Your thoughts? 

I think just the speed at which we are putting this out is a testament that we have a good ‘pipeline’ for producing these. Not on a weekly basis like Filmation did in the 70’s, but quicker than the 1 year it took to put out Power Source.

When do you anticipate completing and releasing THE NEEDS OF THE MANY

With Power Source, we released each act separately, with about 2 months between the first act and closing the episode out. This time, with the timing coming around the holidays (Nov/Dec), we may simply wait and release the whole thing at once. I think the fans are divided on which release method is the best. I know the story flows better if you have the whole thing available, but I love giving fans ‘cliffhangers’. Either way, the whole thing will be out by the end of the year.

It was great to hear Lou Scheimer’s voice cameo on the trailer for THE NEEDS OF THE MANY.  I cannot wait to hear his thoughts on having seen POWER SOURCE and the trailer for the 2nd animated episode.

I am going to schedule some time to go and see him…He was impressed with the samples I sent him months ago, and hope he likes the final product.

Is the same group of artists working on this episode as before?

For the most part, yes. There were a few artists that did specific parts in each episode. For example, the nebula remains in Power Source were done by an artist that doesn’t have any contribution in The Needs of the Many, and there is another artist that did many of the designs for the Gorn and Andorian ships that didn’t have any work in Power Source. Unlike the Filmation episodes, we are making sure the credits accurately reflect those who helped out with each episode.

Can you tell us a little bit how this episode differs from Power Source.

Well, just like any television show, there is a variety of stories one can tell….Man vs Man, Man vs Society, Man vs. Machine, etc. Power Source is what I would call a ‘classic’ Trek story…The crew is on a mission, there is a conflict, and they must resolve the conflict before time runs out.  This is VERY typical of classis Trek…The Needs of the Many has a similar theme…however; the implementation is a bit different. Instead of an exploding planet, we have a VERY upset Gorn that wants revenge against the Federation, specifically Kirk. He sets a chain of events in motion that bring some special guests onto the Farragut. There are also some elements of time-travel in this episode, but not as you might typically think of time travel; more like the TNG episode Yesterday’s Enterprise where the results of a decision in the past affects the future. One could say there are parallels between this episode and the JJ Trek released this year [and, ours was written first 🙂 ].  Unlike the big-budget movie, we are able to correct the timeline changes before the episode finishes…Unfortunately, it takes the sacrifice of someone to make that happen…hence the title and the moral of the story…the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the one.


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2 Responses to “Trailer for 2nd Animated Adventure”

  1. Nicholas Roche Says:

    Does this mean the possibility of MORE Animated SF eps? If so, may I say that I thoroughly enjoyed POWER SOURCE and can’t wait for TNOTM to be released!

  2. Kevin Palm Says:

    You know you’re spoiling us, don’t you? We’re gonna get used to this much good stuff coming out and we’ll NEVER leave you alone until the NEXT one! ;-D


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