Set Construction Fun in St. Marys

This weekend, some of us Farragut Films folks worked on the Starship Farragut sets at our studio in St. Marys, GA.  Mike and Holly Bednar, Michael Day and me traveled down to Southern Georgia.  The weather and scenery is always great – the people there even more so.  Other volunteers that joined us for some set construction fun included, Brian and Kim Watson, Royal Weaver, Ron and Carmen Simkanich, Bill and Kerri Worden, Jason Mann, Greg Greene, Marie Cook, Dan Scanlon, and Andrew (last name unknown). 

Project newcomer, Greg Greene

Project newcomer, Greg Greene

For a one-day working party – we completed quite a bit.  We worked primarily on the transporter room set:

  • Completed side base to the red round platform (steps remains to be built by my Dad at a later date) – this consisted of installing numerous studs on the side of the base for durability and strength for the platform – no squeaky noise when you walk on the platform, this baby is solid!
  • Modified some wall panels
  • Began work on the side wall and installed a few more wall panels to meet up with the transporter room door
Michael Day and Mike Bednar - Ready to beam up!

Michael Day and Mike Bednar - Ready to beam up!

 Other tasks were completed, which include the following:

  • Tore down the shuttlcraft set to allow ample room to build the bridge set.  My Dad has completed six pie bridge stations and has delivered them to the sets – the platform for them to sit on, as well as the turbolift set remain to be built, which is set to be built prior to the end of this year. 
  • Strengthen and installed additional support beams on the control center base for which the Captain’s chair and helm/navigation console sit on – again, this is a solid platform with no unwanted sound when walking on them. 
  • Made a set decoration piece to be used in the re-filming of JUST PASSING THROUGH.
  • Organized and cleaned-up the studio, as well as cosmetic yard work outside.
Tear down of shuttlecraft set

Tear down of shuttlecraft set

I quickly learned that Marie Cook knew how to sew and in preparation of our next episodic film, which will be filmed at our studio in the south, been working to get numerous background personnel outfitted with costumes.  Marie helped with some alterations of tunics and pants for some of our volunteers who came out to help that day.  In addition to Marie helping further on the costume front, she’s signed on board to help with wardrobe during days of filming, which is important for helping folks into their costumes, last minutes changes, and wardrobe malfunctions.  With Cheryl Thomas-Smith in the Washington, DC area helping me with costuming, I feel the circle is now complete with Marie Cook onboard.  Now, I just need to get someone to help Mike Bednar with props and alleviate some time for him too.

John Broughton with Marie Cook

John Broughton with Marie Cook

In all, it was a lot of fun getting to know our other “Farraguteers” from the St. Marys and surrounding Jacksonville area.  I’m always sadden to leave beautiful St. Marys – its truly a great place and I’d say the best kept secret on the East Coast! 

From all of us producers, we thank those who came out and helped – we look forward to seeing you and others at the next set construction party on Saturday, October 10th (details to be posted on the Starship Farragut website, forum and email notification).  Michael Day and I will not be present as we will be exhibiting at the Baltimore Comic-Con on October 10th and 11th.


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3 Responses to “Set Construction Fun in St. Marys”

  1. Kevin Palm Says:

    Sad to see the shuttlecraft set come down, but a bridge trumps a shuttlecraft any day in my book!! It’ll be awesome to see the first eps on the new sets!!

  2. Greg Greene Says:

    My name is Greg Greene (gman) and just wanted to say that I had alot of fun helping out with set construction. I was surprised to see my picture posted on the Captians blog! Thanks John. Everyone worked hard, had alot of fun. Looking forward to more! I wish that more fans had the chance that I had. This project is the best fan based Star Trek I have seen! Once again thanks to everyone.

  3. sandye mccleskey a/k/a Losira Says:

    You Farragut folks never cease to amaze me. Your sets and wardrobe dept. Are so together! And your story material as well. I was sooooo! Impressed by your ability to do live action and animation. I have seen all of your trek work and compelling story telling. Grade exellance. Move over Cauley! Keep up your labor of love. Signed a very greatful fan

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