Beam Me Up!

My long-time best friend, Mike Bednar recently completed a communicator build for me from The Original Series of STAR TREK. This is a prop and not a toy, and is most accurate to what was used during the original series of STAR TREK.   Below is a picture of the communicator prop build-up using a readily-available communicator kit.

Accurate TOS Communicator Build

Accurate TOS Communicator Build

In addition to being the primary propmaker for the Starship Farragut Internet series, Mike has been a professional model-maker for many years with his work prominently displayed in model-enthusiast magazines.  In fact, the SCI-FI channel had a short-run show hosted by Bill Mummy and the Jupiter 2 on display was Mike’s work.

Below are pictures of a communicator that Mike built for himself, which have vintage Aurora TJet race car slot wheels.


Here is a communicator from the same kit that he built for Starship Farragut’s Director and Producer, Mark Hildebrand.Mark

Mark_2 For more information on The Original Series  Star Trek communicator, go to  Thanks Mike!


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One Response to “Beam Me Up!”

  1. Kevin Palm Says:

    Beautiful work! Mike is truly a craftsman in every sense of the word!

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