Mickey and Hulk Team Up

Today, it was reported that Disney is in the process of buying Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion in cash and stock.  Wow, talk about surprise acquisitions!  Just trying to picture Mickey Mouse standing next to the Incredible Hulk at Disney World with toddlers screaming. 


When you think about it, this acquisition makes financial sense as it will give Disney Marvel’s comic book, movie, and licensing business (including all of Marvel’s 5,000 characters and intellectual property).

A few years ago Marvel started making its own films, as it did with “Iron Man” a huge hit with Paramount Pictures (sequel coming out in 2010).  Sony Pictures licensed Spider-Man with successful movies and 20th Century Fox licensed X-Men, including the Wolverine movie that came out in May. 

Disney will certainly start plans to exploit Marvel’s well-known characters across all its platforms, as well as to materialize the not-so-well characters.  I will bet good money that they will soon start pre-production on other Marvel movies and new TV shows based on Marvel Super-Heroes.  So if you’re at Disney World next year and you don’t happen to see Donald Duck, just turn to your toddler and say, “I’m Sorry, Donald Duck got fried by The Human Torch.”



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One Response to “Mickey and Hulk Team Up”

  1. Sean Says:

    Don’t order the foie’ gras…

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