When Starships Collide – Farragut and Polaris

I wanted to talk about another SCI-FILM project that I’m involved with called Starship Polaris (Polaris).


Dennis Russell Bailey  is a good friend who lives a couple miles from my home.  His name should ring a bell for those Star Trek: The Next Generation enthusiasts.  He wrote the episode, “Tin Man” and worked on the teleplay for the episode, “First Contact.”  In addition, he wrote “The Tressaurian Intersection” episode for Starship Exeter and co-wrote Starship Farragut’s “Just Passing Through.”

Dennis contacted me around JAN/FEB 2008 about an original SCI-FI project he had been developing.  He shared his Starship Polaris script and after reading it – I was intrigued.  It had a compelling story and concept; good science fiction with some elements reminding me of Star Trek.  Initially, we talked about costume concepts and the Polaris’ ship design.  Much has changed and progressed since then, as well as a few script versions.  I got off track with him given our Starship Farragut project and did not reconnect until I saw Dennis again at our premiere event last fall where we presented “A Rock and a Hard Place” and “Just Passing Through.”  We started to talk again at Farpoint 2009, and then much more recently.  Dennis has been a good friend and most supportive of our film project, that I wanted to return the favor, as well as be involved in something creatively new.

During the production of “Just Passing Through”, I along with some other assistants — completed 28 costumes within 30 days.  Given the fact that all of us have paid, full time job commitments – getting all costumes completed in time for filming was quite an achievement.  Dennis observed filming of this production and was able to see for the first time our costumes. Since then, he’s also seen our other costumes. 

In our recent discussions, Dennis shared that he’s been most impressed with the level of quality, accuracy, and production volumes regarding Starship Farragut’s costumes; and asked that I come aboard as Costume Supervisor (Co-Producer).  Given my limited bandwidth (full-time career, family and the Starship Farragut project), I had to think about “how” I could commit.  Most of this work could be done at my place after work during the work week, and because Dennis lives in proximity to my house, it will be convenient for us to get together and work on costumes (he’s proficient in sewing as well).  Also, since much of this work entails altering off-the-shelf clothing and not starting from scratch, it should be an easier wardrobe operation.  I accepted this role and will ensure that all Polaris costumes necessary for filming are completed on time.

With the actors and crew who have agreed to participate on this project, I believe that Polaris is going to be a fun production and great film.  The other folks involved have great experience and track records successfully creating both fan and independent science fiction films.  Stay tuned for further details and possible interviews with the cast and crew; I’m excited to be aboard Polaris!


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