SD Comic Con ‘09 – Starship Farragut Comic Book

G4 aired a segment on the San Diego Comic Con 2009 over the weekend.  Since I was not able to go this year, it was a great way to catch up on the events.  An amazing 25,000+ people attended the event and Hollywood represented with new films and TV shows.

I’ve always appreciated comic books and the artistic expression conveyed by the pen.  As a kid, I collected DC and Marvel comics, and as an avid STAR TREK fan – saved those as part of my collection.  Over the years, there have been many STAR TREK artists – my favorites are David Messina, Mark Bagley, and Steve Conley (see his rendition of me as Captain Carter).  I was first exposed to Carlos Garzan and Arne Starr in the mid/late 80’s – who teamed with Harvey Weinstein.  Harvey wrote many STAR TREK comics and novels.  I met Harvey a few years ago as he frequents the Shoreleave and Farpoint conventions held yearly at Baltimore, MD.  Harvey even wrote an animated episode of STAR TREK called, “The Pirates of Orion”.  

Speaking of The Animated Series of STAR TREK, Starship Farragut – working with NEO f/x has also produced an animated version of Star Trek called, “STARSHIP FARRAGUT: The Animated Episodes“.   Numerous artists have been supporting this project, including Michael Struck (Manager of NEO f/x), Kail Tescar and Guy Davis to name a few.  Act 1 of the first Starship Farragut animated episode called, “Power Source” is available for free viewing at

Starship Farragut is the only independent STAR TREK film project to be presented in both live action and animation; and for some time, I have wanted a serious comic book version done as well.  Kail Tescar is planning to do a comic book version in the same FILMATION style as the animated project of Starship Farragut; however, I’d also like to see more conventional verison of comics created.   

I have two scripts ready for adapting to comics.  Comic book artists who are are interested, are encouraged to contact me at (please cc:  Starship Farragut is a labor of love and generates no revenue (given the copyright and licensing rules of STAR TREK) – therefore, this would be a volunteer project – but one that would get serious exposure and recognition. 

Related to the topic of comic books are storyboards.  I’m a big advocate of storyboards and have often emphasized to the production team their importance in the filmmaking process.  At this time, I’ll acknowledge the works of David Miller (comic book artist at Marvel in the ’90s), Rob Turner, Guy Davis and Michael Parla who developed storyboards for our film efforts.     


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5 Responses to “SD Comic Con ‘09 – Starship Farragut Comic Book”

  1. Kevin Palm Says:

    The thing that I feel sets Farragut apart from other fanfilms is that all of the characters, not just Carter, Tacket, and Smithfield, are so well-defined. That was something that drew me in from the start, the thought that these characters have an interesting backstory that stands apart from TOS and that they’re not just Kirk/Spock/McCoy clones. That has been reflected in the awards you have received for the live action productions as well as the accolades for the animated adventures. I think that these characters will really translate well into a comic book medium, where they can literally go anywhere!! I’d really look forward to seeing that!!


  2. ShadowWing Tronix Says:

    I certainly advocated for a comic. So that would be the hat trick. For the win comes the novels and video games. 🙂

  3. Sean Says:

    The big thing that sets Farragut apart for me at least is how comfortable everyone seems, and how natural. All the characters are easy to picture living in this situation rather than just being a put-on.

    And I could get started on a novel pretty quickly…

  4. Arne Starr Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Just wanted to point out that Harvey is a big invisible Pooka that looks like a 6 foot tall white rabbit. The writer for the comics on the other hand was Howard Weinstein. Thought you might want to get that corrected. And definately agree with your assessment on storyboards, very necessary in many cases, something I get to do occasionally now that I’m working in Hollywood.

  5. download from redtube Says:

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